• Receive our new Members information kit (full of useful notes on bunch riding and etiquette, basic bicycle maintenance, cycling tips etc.
  • Select from our organised calendar of rides ( try 3 rides with us for FREE before becoming a member) 
  • Enjoy the enhanced visibility and safety that comes with group rides, the exhilaration of riding in a group and experience some of the best scenery the Scenic rim has to offer from the back od a bike. And best of all you don’t have to work out where to go: just turn up!
  • Participate in an introductory ride or attend one of our seminars/workshops to brush up on your skills or learn new ones.
  • Borrow club equipment such as the cycle trailer and tools, plus books and videos from the members library.
  • List bikes and related items in the Buy/Swap/Sell section of the club website free of charge.
  • Buy Club Merchandise ( jerseys, knicks, etc at great prices.
  • Join our ‘Members only’ Facebook Group to discuss our rides and other general cycling related topics.
  • Have a voice. Ever been frustrated by the lack of sufficient road shoulders, lack of bicycling lanes or off-road trails or any other issues which directly impact on your ability to enjoy cycling? Let the club be your advocate.
  • Socialise with other like-minded people from the community during rides and other social activities through the year.


It is acknowledged that BCC Inc. (Beaudesert Cycling Club Incorporated)  DOES NOT COVER INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS ACCIDENT & LIABILITY INSURANCE.

This is your responsibility and is available with either Bicycle Queensland (BQ) membership or our preferred Cycling Australia (CA) membership. BCC Inc. is affiliated with CA so when you pay the CA membership you can select BCC Inc. as your club and you will then automatically be a financial member of our club (the BCC membership fee is paid as part of your CA membership fee). If you decide to become a member of Bicycle Queensland, you will have insurance but will not be affiliated with BCC and so the BCC Membership fee would be payable directly to the club in addition to the BQ membership fee.

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